The NECC Plaza has a total area of 150,000 m2.

The NECC Plaza has a total area of 150,000 m2. Located in the center of the ‘four-leaf clover’, the plaza encompasses a 7-storey circular tower in the center and 8 surrounding 5-storey diamond-shaped building. The NECC Plaza is linked to all exhibition halls, not only delivering supportive service for exhibitions, but also working as a unique point within the NECC by further extending the exhibition effects, upgrading commercial value, and satisfying the needs of different consumer groups..

The three Class-A office buildings of NECC (Shanghai) are located at the tips of the four-leaf clover with 180,000 m2 in total. Each office building has two 500 m2 multi-functional conference rooms. Office rooms can also be used with free and flexible space arrangements, thus satisfying the needs of businesses along the exhibition industry chain, commerce and trade companies, headquarters of large enterprises, and financial institutions. The office buildings can also be used as conference facilities. Permanent displays of various products can be held here to complement exhibition events, thus magnifying the trade functions of trade fairs.